Alex Gray

"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly."

Originally from San Francisco, California, Alex moved to Tasmania in 1999 at the age of 10. He started popping in his room at the age of 17 being purely inspired by YouTube clips and the possibilities of what he could achieve and become. Alex learned what he could while adding his mix of imagination and abstract creativity to his newly found art form.

In 2007, Alex started up a small dance studio known as Footworkz. The popping community was basically non-existent in Tasmania, especially in his town of Launceston. Footworkz enabled a small clique of poppers, bboys and hip hop enthusiasts to grow.

Since 2007 Alex has travelled around the world gaining knowledge and experience from the originators of hip hop in places like Broadway Dance Centre and Rock Steady Studio in NYC, Fusion Dance Centre in Santa Rosa, CA, Sydney Dance Company, various studios in Malaysia and to many other studios around the states of Australia.

Alex continues to change his thoughts, evolve his imagination and learn as passionately as he has since he started. He always reminds himself that "gaining experience and skills that are recognised by the dance community is no excuse to slow my progress down only to become complacent. Letting it get to my head will only cause me to stall, losing sight of what I truly value."


- Popping Champion, Versus Element, Tasmania (2009)
- Freestyle Champion, Battlegrounds, Melbourne (2011)


Beatrice Chiew

Beatrice was born in Singapore, moved to Melbourne when still a baby. She started dancing when she started university in 2012, and took casual classes in urban choreography while learning salsa and breaking on the side. Beatrice has always known that she wanted to dance, but there were always other commitments that kept coming up. So, when she finally came into more independence, she decided she was going to throw herself into dance. She has learnt urban, hip hop & funk styles (popping and locking), contemporary and salsa.

Before dance, Beatrice used to play squash competively and speed skate. Now she enjoys reading and drawing in her spare time.

Beatice hopes to travel a lot. She foresees herself having to travel as part of her work and that’s something she looks forward to.


Daniel Li

"Dance is your pulse, your heart beat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life!"

Daniel began dancing during his teen years, using dance as a catalyst to build his self esteem. Daniel started off with bboying in 2010 and moved onto party moves, grooves and urban. Daniel later realized the essence of hip-hop and connecting communities and in 2011 he established the Streetlace Hip-Hop club at his high school as an after-school session to promote and educate aspiring dancers and connect the community by spreading his philosophy of dance.

In 2014 Streetlace started to become a predominant movement in the south east side of Melbourne to connect and broaden hip-hop community in that area. During this year Daniel enrolled at the Swinburne University of Technology studying a Diploma of Public Relations.


Danielle Duchesne

Danielle was born in New Zealand and grew up there until the age of 18, when she moved to Ottawa, Canada for a three year diploma in Contemporary Dance. Her background is in many styles, and competitions were a large part of her childhood. However, it was training in the Junior Associate Contemporary Programme at The New Zealand School of Dance that introduced her to contemporary dance. After completing her diploma, she moved over to London to immerse herself in the style over there. Whilst training, auditioning, and falling in love with the city, Danielle got her personal training qualification, and began working in the fitness industry. Her interest lies in primal/animal flow movement, that is so closely related with contemporary dance, as well as functional movement, high intensity, and pilates based training.

In 2015 Danielle moved to Melbourne where she is teaching various fitness classes, and is excited to absorb all she can from Triple8Funk. She would love to one day return back to London, but knows that life can take you in many directions, so her plan is to keep an open mind to whatever may come her way.


Debbie Keenan

"Live life on the edge, you only live once!"

At the age of 3, Debbie was inspired by her older sister to start dancing. Once she found the love and passion for dance she didn't want to stop saying the feeling and emotion dancing brings to her is indescribable. Debbie is a versatile dancer having completed all levels of exams in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.

Debbie moved to Melbourne in 2011 to further her knowledge of dance and began a full time course at The Space Dance and Arts Centre.

Joining Triple8Funk in 2012 and loving every moment of it, Debbie has become a valued member of the crew. With the dedication and commitment she puts into her dancing, she hopes to fulfil her dreams and to one day share the experiences of her journey of dancing with others.


- Scholarship to Elmhurst school of dance, Birmingham, England (2009)
- 4th Place, NZAMD Hip-hop Nationals, New Zealand (2009)


Jayde Robertson

“My dream came true! Yours can too!”

Jayde was interested in singing and dancing as a young girl, always performing around the house and at family gatherings. At 10 years old, she become serious about her performing arts and started out singing, which lead her to jazz-funk, tap and jazz, until she became smitten with hip-hop.

Jayde started learning hip-hop at the age of 12 and was teaching by the time she was 15. She has performed at Vodafone Arena, The Melbourne Show, the St. Kilda Festival, the Commonwealth Games and many other amazing venues and events. She has been dancing in hip hop crews since the age of 13, joining Triple8Funk in 2011.

Jayde is also the owner and director of JStep Dance Academy. Her students have performed on the Tic Tic Tour with Poreotics and the Take Over Tour with Quest Crew to name a few. Her junior competition group, Babysteps, also won the right to represent Australia at the Hip-Hop International in 2011 in Las Vegas, USA.


Jess Failli

Jess was born and raised in Bacchus Marsh. She danced at a local dance studio for 16 years before moving on to complete her fulltime studies at the Space Dance and Arts Centre in 2013. In 2015 she began her third year at The Space under Space's Alumni Fellowship. Trained in all styles, Jess feels most at home doing contemporary. In the future Jess would love to join a contemporary company or even put on her own works. She believes that a positive mind leads to a positive lifestyle.


Joel Gallarde

Founder. Director. Choreographer

"In Dancing Excellence”

Joel started dancing late in his teens having joined The Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADS) in the Philippines and instantly developed a deep passion for it. He moved to New Zealand in 1999 and started a Hip Hop dance club in 2001 (just for the fun of it) while studying at The University of Auckland. Never did he expect it to grow as it has today. The small university dance club has turned into one of the most established street dance companies in Australasia and presenty has an active involvement in the global scene.

Through the years, Joel has travelled around the world and has taught dance workshops and judged competitions in places like South America, Asia, USA, Europe & all over Australia & New Zealand. He has made a name for himself as one of the influencers and innovators of the international urban dance scene. He believes that to achieve one's goals in dancing one needs discipline, and at the same time, the ability to have fun with it all!


- Bachelor of Arts (Film, TV, Media & Spanish), University of Auckland
- Blues Award, University of Auckland
- Diploma in Communication Studies
- Certificate in Maori Performing Arts
- Certificate in Business Management


Joshua Yip

Joshua was born in Perth, Western Australia and lived there until 2002 when he moved to Melbourne.

The story behind how he started dance is quite embarrassing - he was trying to get a girl's attention, who also danced. This was during his last year of high school in 2009, but after a few lessons of beginner hiphop at Wendon Dance Studio he was hooked. After a year of classes he attended an audition for Liquid Xpress (LX) with no expectations of getting in. Surprisingly he was successful and has been dancing and competing with LX ever since. After a few years in LX Joshua also joined Triple8Funk in 2013. Joshua also teaches weekly dance classes in studios and also community classes through the council in hope to inspire others.

Joshua's hobbies include taking hikes and exploring places which he's never been before and finding secret hangouts, eating at new places and trying new things. He enjoys painting, playing the piano and guitar and has a big interest in photography. The future for Joshua and what he aspires to be is an international figure for inspiration and motivation, to help others break through the wall that's stopping them from reaching their full potential. He also wants to create wealth and awareness through dance and the performing arts and be able to open and sustain a successful dance studio. Alongside all these goals he wants to travel the world and teach workshops and inspire those in other countries.


- BCom (Accounting and Finance), Swinbourne University
- Battlegrounds, 3rd place with LX (2013)
- Battlegrounds, 1st place with LX (2014)


Katrina Pulvirenti

Katrina was born and raised in the country town of Wangaratta, Victoria. At the age of 18, Katrina moved to Melbourne to study as a full-time dance student at The Space Dance and Arts Centre. For Katrina, dance was something she wanted to do after seeing her older sister dancing on stage. She was put into dance classes at the age of 7, where she learnt basic styles like ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. After continuing dancing throughout primary and high school she knew that stopping wasn't an option.

When Katrina isn't dancing, working in retail is what she does to keep herself living in Melbourne. Katrina believes that the future holds tremendous growth for her as a dancer and also as a person, expanding her knowledge and skills, dancing along side amazing dancers, preforming, traveling and living. Katrina will be pursuing one of her dreams of travelling to LA to train hard and experience what dancing has to offer.


Leon Taing

"That's nice."

Leon was born in Melbourne, Victoria & started dancing during his highschool years, learning popping and breaking from a local church dance group.

He joined Triple8Funk in 2012 eager to grow and develop himself as a dancer.

Outside of dancing, Leon is an avid gamer, and began studying Bachelors of Science/Computer Science at Monash University in 2013.


1000 Elo Ranking, League of Legends (2010)
1st Place - T8F Legends Invitational, Hearthstone (2015)


Liza Arriagada

“Everything will be alright in the end...if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.”

Liza started dancing in 2000 after seeing the music video for ‘It’s Like That’ by Run DMC vs Jason Nevins, where she tried to emulate the moves. In that same year she and her friends founded hip-hop dance crew, Vikings.

At the time she was also heavily into basketball, having won the Victoria State Championship U18 division in 2001 with the North-West Broadmeadows Broncos, and touring with them around the USA.

However Liza’s true passion was dance, and she has always been involved in the Melbourne urban dance scene. After opening Urban Force Studios in 2006, she trained in L.A. in 2007 and competed at Bodyrock 2009 in San Diego. She also attended a 2 year dance course at Industry Dance Melbourne in 2009 and 2010. During those years she danced with DVP, winning the Australian Hip-Hop Championships with them in 2010.


- Miss Teen Philippines, Melbourne (2002)
- Australian Hip-Hop Championships, 1st place with DVP (2009)


Nathan Na

"Take life as it comes."

Originally from China, Nathan moved to Melbourne in 2014 where he began working as a massage therapist.

In highschool he wanted to be different and started dancing, and learned breaking after graduating from university.

Nathan also enjoys martial arts, juggling and is fond of busking on the street and mixing different styles of dance.

Nathan always wanted to be a part of a great team, and he joined Triple8Funk in 2015.


Patti Chibi

"Dance is the other half of me."

An international student from Bangkok, Thailand, Patt began hip hop dancing in 2009. She was a shy girl, so she found dance to improve her self-esteem, socialize and meet new people. Patt stopped dancing for 1 year in 2011 due to her career but quickly realised how much passion she had for dance and how much she missed it. When Patt first moved to Melbourne in early 2014, she began dancing again. She decided to try something new and began dancing urban style.

Patt worked in the advertising industry back in Bangkok. She decided to come to Melbourne to study her master’s degree in Multimedia Design. She entered a whole new world when she joined Triple8Funk in 2014. Patt has the opportunity to learn many different styles of dancing such as contemporary, jazz and dance hall and explore the Melbourne dance community.


- Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), Thammasat University, Thailand


Peter Koh

Peter was born and raised in Singapore and moved to Melbourne in 2014. He first started dancing in 2010 at the age of 15, learning a multitude of styles and genre foundations. This allowed him to branch out and diversify as a dancer in hip-hop, jazz and contemporary, amongst other genres. He aims to specialise primarily in hip-hop and urban, but also seeks to maintain and improve his versatility as a dancer.

Versatility is something he treasures and values highly, believing that dancers should not be labelled and segregated by genre and location but should instead all come under the single banner of ‘dance’.

Peter began studying a Bachelors of Law at Monash University, juggling his time between dancing and his undergraduate studies, and tries his best not to have a non-existent social life. An avid reader, he spends most of his time in books or on the internet when he is not nose-deep in his textbooks. He spreads the word and image of dance in his university as best as possible, bringing new dancers into the community.

As Peter grows, so do his perspectives and passions. He hones his craft constantly, gaining experience and insight into the movement and flow of dance. He is learning not only to dance and perform, but to share and to teach others in studio classes, jams and sessions.


Rachael Sawyer

"Do more of what makes you happy!"

Rachel started dancing at the age of 8 after watching her friend’s dance concert. She is a versatile dancer having trained in styles such as jazz, RnB, ballet, tap, contemporary and hip-hop. Rachel's love for the performing arts developed as she performed in school productions and Rock Eisteddfods throughout high school. She is currently completing her CSTD Modern Jazz teaching certificate.

Rachel's passion for hip hop grew when she got the opportunity to perform with Triple8Funk in their first Australian show in 2013. She was inspired by the talented people around her to better herself and grow as a dancer and joined the crew in 2014. Rachel hopes to one day combine her love for travelling and dancing and travel the world.



- Completed grades 3-8 Modern Jazz Exam
- Certificate II in Dance
- Diploma in Laboratory Technology


Solana Cua

"Make every minute of your life productive."

Raised in the Philippines, Solana has been dancing since she was young. At school she choreographed for and performed in almost all their events and was also part of the ICA Dance Troupe.

Solana moved to Melbourne in 2008 to finish high school. She graduated with an ATAR of 99.65 and shortly after began her studies in Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.


Toeknee Celeste

"Anything is possible."

Anthony began his dancing career with X!plosion Crew in 2010 at the age of 19. Having started dancing at such a late age, his passion made him hungry to learn more about all dance styles. He commenced study in 2012 for a year at Wesley Institute, learning dance genres like ballet, contemporary, jazz and lyrical.

Originally from Sydney, he moved to Melbourne in 2014 after he fell in love with the city when visiting for a holiday.


- Certificate II in Tourism and Hospitality
- Australian Hip-Hop Championships, Sydney, 2nd place with X!plosion Crew (2011)
- Looze Control, 3rd place with X!plosion Crew (2011)